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Need a new telephone system or upgrade your existing PABX?

Get a Cloud PBX from R25/pm


What do you need for Cloud PBX to work?

SureTel understands how Cloud PBX’s work and are experts in planning, installing and maintaining Cloud PBX’s for many satisfied customers. Speak to us if you want to implement a Cloud PBX for your business.

IP Phones

SureTel’s Cloud PBX is compatible with all major brands of IP Phones, like Yealink, Grandstream and Snom from R699 excl. VAT.

Reliable Internet

Cloud PBX’s require a reliable internet connection to function properly. SureTel can supply LTE, Wireless or Fibre connections

Cloud PBX Service Provider

SureTel is a licensed provider of telecommunications services with many years of success and many satisfied clients, from BIG to small we help them all.


A Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX as its also known is a new breed of telephone system where the telephone hardware is located off site and calls work by using an internet connection. The users only require IP Phones or a Web / Desktop / Mobile application to communicate with each other and their customers.

SureTel’s Cloud PBX solution is securely hosted in secure off-site data centres with triple redundancy for:

  • Upstream providers
  • Server and network hardware, and
  • Client data

to provide the ultimate peace of mind for our customers.

The Hosted PBX solution provides all the features a modern business would require to effectively communicate with its customers, ranging from

  • Standard traditional PABX features, to
  • Enhanced Enterprise features like
    • Instant messaging and
    • Voice & video conferencing
    • Voice recording

It completely replaces the need for an on-site PABX and provides unprecedented flexibility for Businesses and Call Centres.

Fee per Extension

R25per month excl. VAT


Relocate (or transfer) an existing call to another telephone or console.

A system that allows one person to answer another person’s telephone call on a different phone.

A feature that allows the person receiving the call to view the caller’s identification (usually the number they are calling from).

Using the same telephone, keep your existing call while being able to make and receive other calls.

Where you can suspend a call already in progress to accept another call and where you are able to switch between them.

“Find me” – receive calls at any location.
“Follow me” – receive calls at designated phones of any amount, either in sequence (e.g: first office phone, then home phone, then mobile) or all at once (e.g: all home, mobile and office phones ring at the same time).

Visual communication equipment used to show real-time information on contact center performance.

Used to exchange personal voice messages, record messages, process transactions using a phone or select and deliver voice information.

Have voicemail messages delivered to your email address as an audio file or as a text body of the email.

The Busy Lamp Field is a light on an IP phone that notifies you if another extension connected to the same service is busy or not.

A Ring Group allows incoming calls to be redirected to different extensions included in the Ring Group. All members will receive the call at the same time.

The Do Not Disturb function prevents calls from ringing on an extension it is activated on, instead providing you with options such as directing the call, using a busy signal, DND signal and more.

This allows you to redirect or forward calls to any alternative land line or mobile number or to any voice mails.

You can use Pin-based dialling to dial a number and use the PIN from the calling card to authenticate it, providing extra security.

Instead of dialling a whole number, this allows you to press a reduced number of keys to dial a particular number for fast and effective use.

An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is used to disperse inbound calls to certain resources (agents) in the center. Used for a large amount of incoming calls.

This allows telephone conversations to be recorded in a digital audio file format.

This feature allows conferences over the phone (teleconferences), allowing for quick, easy and accessible conferencing just about anywhere.

While a caller is on hold, you have the option of playing background music, promotional messages or other audio content while they wait.

Time conditions create a destination to which you can redirect and route calls during a certain time.

Allowing someone to put a call on hold on one telephone set and continue the call from any other telephone set.

Helping businesses identify operational issues and take immediate action for a solution or to evaluate the performance of a single agent, multiple agents or center.

FAX was designed for analog networks but can be used via our system, allowing the continuous use of your fax.

Call campaigns allow customers to call you by clicking or tapping your advertisements to encourage calls to your business.

Customer Relationship Management manages a companies interaction with current and potential customers. Custom to better fit the needs of your business.

Interactive Voice Response uses voice and DTMF technology to allow a computer to interact with humans, gather information and route calls to the right recipient.


Why not speak to our team and we will help you find the best suited solution to your needs.

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