Why Your Business Needs VoIP Communication

Why are so many people choosing Voice over IP communication (VoIP) for their businesses? Well, choosing to use the internet to make calls – which is the essence of VoIP – is simply a smart business decision. It can save your company money, make your life more convenient, increase employee productivity and give employees the tools they need for a modern, efficient workplace. Suretel has narrowed down the reasons why your business needs VoIP communication to provide you with a brief but comprehensive list of motivation. Before we begin, let us mention that VoIP is not limited to voice communication, but [...]

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How Fibre Internet Can Benefit Your Business

In a world that is heading increasingly toward mobile and online solutions, any business would do well to consider their connection to the internet and whether or not their current solution is meeting all of their needs. Traditional internet solutions are becoming slower and less effective, whilst forward-thinking, high-tech fibre solutions are dominating the market in terms of performance and reliability. In this blog, Suretel look at how fibre can benefit your business and take your forward. Vastly Increased Internet Speed It is no secret that fibre internet is many times faster than even the most capable copper internet alternatives. [...]

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5 Cyber Security Facts That’ll Make Your Skin Crawl

Each day, cyber security becomes more and more imperative to the safe and effective functioning of businesses, globally. As such, high-quality cyber security solutions are necessary to protect your data, personnel and clients. To illustrate the seriousness of the cyber security climate, we collected 5 cyber security facts that’ll make your skin crawl! 1: Email Is Still the Problem It appears that the favoured cyber security breach of the past – the pesky phishing mail – is still as popular now as it was in the dawn of the internet age. Recent data from Verizon’s Breach Investigations report showed that [...]

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