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Why Now is the Best Time to Switch to Fibre

The move to fibre is nothing new. Fibre infrastructure is rapidly on the increase, as are internet packages that utilise the technology. If it isn’t already, fibre will soon become the standard for digital communications. 4 Benefits of Switching to Fibre Internet If you’re sitting with a wireless or copper connection that you’re perfectly happy with, then you may be wondering what need you have to change over to fibre. Here are four reasons that you should find pretty convincing. #1: Fibre is Faster Fibre is the best available data conduit and simply provides a much faster internet connection than [...]

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The Ugly Truth about Network Security Breaches

For both businesses and individuals, the chance of being impacted by a cybersecurity breach is ever-present, as we at Suretel are well aware. Often, you can come away unscathed from such a breach. At other times you may not be so lucky. What You Need to Know about Cybersecurity There is always the chance that you can fly under the radar and never have your network targeted at all. However, you shouldn’t leave the matter to fate. What follows in this blog is a brief guide to security breaches, their impact, and how to protect yourself against them. What is [...]

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What is a VPN & Why Do I Need One?

You’ve probably heard the term ‘VPN’ many times but you may not be sure why you should use one and what it can do for you. A VPN – virtual private network – is essentially a secure connection between your computer and a specific network on the internet. When your computer connects to a VPN, it behaves as if it is on that specific network, even if you are really located somewhere on the other side of the world. Understanding the Value of VPNs VPNs were originally a way to maintain exclusive business networks and to enable workers to log [...]

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Internet Down? 3 Things to Try Before You Call Your ISP

So, your internet connection has gone down and it’s a crisis. You have emails to send, research to do and social media to catch up on. At Suretel, we understand that the first thing you want to do is call your internet service provider - but wait a moment. Before You Make the Call to Your ISP, Try This There is very likely an easy fix that you can do yourself. Keep reading the blog as we reveal the three things you should try before you start dialling. Check Your Router The lights on your router will tell you the [...]

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The Importance of Securing Your Office Network

In a modern business, there are few things more important than securing your office network. If you haven’t already taken measures to secure your network, Suretel is here to explain why it so vitally important that you do so. Securing the integrity of your data is as important as investing in a sophisticated alarm system and insurance policy for a warehouse full of stock. The True Value of Office Network Security Your information, as well as that of your clients, suppliers and other stakeholders, are all held within your data storage networks. You should never underestimate the desire of hackers [...]

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9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs LTE

Business today moves at the speed of light. Customer service response times and information delivery are now measured in milliseconds. LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology provides substantial performance improvements over previous mobile technologies, and offers the promise that connectivity will no longer be a barrier to realising the benefits of enterprise mobility. The Ways LTE Improves Business Operations These improvements in application performance and enterprise mobility can bring a range of benefits. Suretel knows your business needs fast data connections and here are the 10 reasons why your business needs LTE. 1. Connectivity The improved bandwidth, latency, and capacity of [...]

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The Business Benefits of Hosted VOIP Services

By the end of 2019, 90% of companies will be using cloud apps and services, and analysts predict nearly 100% of firms will adopt cloud tools by 2021. Your employees and customers rely on voice calling technology to communicate and collaborate. If your phones go down, it will have an immediate impact on productivity, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation. An unreliable business phone system can be a very costly expense. Research shows that making the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions can deliver significant cost savings. Read on to learn more as Suretel gives you an understanding of the [...]

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Choosing the Right ISP for Your Business

Choosing the right ISP (Internet Service Provider) for your business can be a complex task when considering all the factors which determine the best fit for you. You are constantly questioning yourself on whether you are making the right decision or not, as in the event of being tied down into the incorrect service agreement, there can occasionally be penalties applied when attempting to transfer to another provider. 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your ISP Partner To avoid being tied into a contract with a sub-par service provider, side-step the inconvenience of breaks in service or unwanted penalties and [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Microwave Internet Services

Microwave internet may be a foreign term to most, however it is quickly gaining popularity amongst South African households and businesses. So, what is Microwave Internet? Microwave internet provides high-speed wireless data-transfer between any two points, transmitting data through radio waves, eliminating the need for fixed lines. This service is quickly gaining popularity amongst Gauteng service providers and becoming a sought-after alternative method for internet users. Microwave Internet Services: The Good and The Bad While there are many positives to Microwave Internet, like any service there may also be a few negatives. We have compiled the four most important things [...]

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Business Benefits of PBX Telephone Systems

If you are ready to move up and get more telephones in your offices, you will need to learn more about Private Branch Exchange systems (PBXs). Technology actually makes the PBX systems easier to manage. Not only that, but the latest PBX systems are also more affordable than you might think. Suretel has compiled all the benefits of a PBX telephone system for your business. Internal Communications When you are calling another number in your office, that call is being routed through the local phone company’s exchange. With a PBX system the call would be routed internally. Furthermore, you don’t have [...]

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