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The move to fibre is nothing new. Fibre infrastructure is rapidly on the increase, as are internet packages that utilise the technology. If it isn’t already, fibre will soon become the standard for digital communications.

4 Benefits of Switching to Fibre Internet

If you’re sitting with a wireless or copper connection that you’re perfectly happy with, then you may be wondering what need you have to change over to fibre. Here are four reasons that you should find pretty convincing.

#1: Fibre is Faster

Fibre is the best available data conduit and simply provides a much faster internet connection than any of the alternatives. The speed of fibre is exponentially higher than that of ADSL. Long load times become a thing of the past and a whole world of apps, streaming, and other functionalities now open up to you.

At one point you may have found your ADSL line perfectly fast enough for your purposes but oversubscription has now led to congestion on many of those copper cables, meaning you may be experiencing more lags and delays. Changing over to fibre now frees you from that, as well as future-proofing you against any further slow-downs. Once you’ve experienced the difference, you will not look back.

#2: Fibre is More Reliable

Aside from being faster, fibre is simply more reliable and consistent. There is very little variability in delivery because fibre cables and switchers work constantly without any downtime. This means you never have a case when your internet connection is fine one minute and then drops out or slows down a short while later.

#3: Fibre is an Affordable Option

Fibre installations maybe a little more expensive than copper at first, but in the long run, fibre is generally cheaper. It costs less to maintain, has less downtime, and requires less networking hardware. This means cheaper rates for end-users.

#4: Fibre is Secure

Fibre cable is almost impossible to tap, unlike wireless or copper. If the cable does get tapped, it will be impossible for the tapper to access anything because the entire system will shut down due to light leaks. This means that any attempts to break the physical security of your system can be easily picked up and rectified.

Chat to Suretel about Fibre for Your Business

Fibre is the future of internet connectivity – and the future has already begun. To find out more about fibre-based internet connections, contact Suretel.

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