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Business today moves at the speed of light. Customer service response times and information delivery are now measured in milliseconds. LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology provides substantial performance improvements over previous mobile technologies, and offers the promise that connectivity will no longer be a barrier to realising the benefits of enterprise mobility.

The Ways LTE Improves Business Operations

These improvements in application performance and enterprise mobility can bring a range of benefits. Suretel knows your business needs fast data connections and here are the 10 reasons why your business needs LTE.

1. Connectivity

The improved bandwidth, latency, and capacity of LTE provides your business with the connectivity you need to increase your network performance, thereby boosting productivity and profits.

2. Failover

For backup or failover scenarios, LTE provides high-speed connectivity to keep your business up and running in the event of an outage in your primary network. LTE can keep your business moving.

3. Fast & Temporary Setup

LTE systems can replace wired connections for businesses with multiple locations and are quick and easy to set up. The system can handle credit card processing, voice over IP phones, and inventory management. For fast-growing chains, this is a huge advantage. Furthermore an LTE network can be set up instantly and provide the fast, secure connections that these locations need without spending lots of money or hauling lots of equipment.

4. Affordability

LTE comes at a relatively low cost. Businesses can deploy this solution and enjoy a greater return on investment, minimized loss due to downtime, and a scalable solution for connecting multiple locations.

5. Massively Improved Speed

LTE 4G offer speeds that are up to 10 times faster than 3G. 4G provides uninterrupted connectivity for streaming, downloading, and video conferencing. It offers very high voice quality for phone calls as well.

6. Flexibility

Sharing remote desktops, circulating documents, and collaborating online are all much easier when everyone has a strong, stable connection. A fast data connection lets your remote team members use their mobile devices to access your cloud-based information at speeds that are similar to what they’d have if they were in the office.

7. Improved Sales and Productivity

Having high-speed access to applications and files speeds up daily processes and improves productivity and profits, teams get more work done on the move after upgrading to 4G LTE.

8. More Coverage

Wi-Fi systems tie people down to the routers and hotspots that broadcast them, which tend to cover very small areas. LTE offers coverage ranges of 30 miles or more, so users have much more freedom to move about and enjoy complete connectivity.

9. Better Security

Wi-Fi networks have issues when it comes to network security, particularly when paired with a mobile device. LTE networks offer more privacy and security through built-in features such as encryption and narrowly-defined signal transfers that make them inherently more secure.

Chat to Suretel Today to Find Out How You Can Reap The Benefits of LTE

The benefits of LTE-enabled solution ensures maximum uptime, fast deployment, cost-effective connectivity, ease of management, and the scalability your business needs to remain competitive and connected. Contact Suretel to get you connected fast.

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