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By the end of 2019, 90% of companies will be using cloud apps and services, and analysts predict nearly 100% of firms will adopt cloud tools by 2021.

Your employees and customers rely on voice calling technology to communicate and collaborate. If your phones go down, it will have an immediate impact on productivity, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation. An unreliable business phone system can be a very costly expense.

Research shows that making the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions can deliver significant cost savings. Read on to learn more as Suretel gives you an understanding of the full scope of benefits made possible with VoIP, to help you future-proof business communications.

7 Advantages of Cloud VOIP in Your Office

Cloud-based business phones are a flexible, low-maintenance alternative to analogue phone lines or premises-based phone systems. Businesses who switch to VoIP can enjoy an array of research-backed benefits which range from cost efficiency to superior scalability.

1. Call Quality

VoIP technology has come a long way, and, if implemented properly, can provide excellent, clear call quality from anywhere. In fact, properly implemented VoIP solutions can provide higher quality than traditional phone lines.

2. Multi-Faceted Solutions

VoIP offers a wide range of communication options for you and your employees. Aside from traditional voice calls, you can also use VoIP Unified Communication technology to communicate via instant messaging, video conferencing, voicemail, fax via email and more.

3. Secure Communications

Reputable VoIP solutions are designed with encryption to keep your calls, and all data transmitted, safe from any prying eyes. It’s vital to find out if the VoIP solution you’re considering has encryption.

4. Portability

As long as you have an internet connection, you can stay in touch with your team members and colleagues, wherever you are in the world. Thanks to softphones and mobile applications on your smartphone, you can field calls from anywhere, all within your business phone system environment.

5. Call Recording

Do you need a way to ensure that customer service representatives and team members are always offering the highest standard of service? Call recording offers you that and more. You will never miss an important message or have confusion over exactly what was said during a call again.

6. More Productivity

VoIP works to eliminate phone tag and increase availability, which in turn increases productivity. Depending on your customization preferences, your phone system can ring on multiple devices before heading to voicemail, go straight to voicemail or forward calls automatically to another number. With control over your phone line and the way that you use them, your employees will be able to be more productive.

7. Scalability

VoIP is incredibly easy to expand and contract with your business’s needs. This makes it an especially good choice for businesses with high peaks during holiday seasons.

Speak to the VOIP & PBX Specialists at Suretel to Access These Benefits Today!

VoIP has become the communications system of choice for both small and large businesses. A hosted business VoIP service is ideal for the small business, being much more affordable and feature-rich than traditional telephone service. A hosted VoIP service allows a small business to have a big business presence with a communications system that has robust features at an affordable price.

Your business needs a reliable, cost-effective phone system which can deliver both clear sound and clear value. Suretel offers just that, Contact Suretel to perfect your system.

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