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Choosing the right ISP (Internet Service Provider) for your business can be a complex task when considering all the factors which determine the best fit for you. You are constantly questioning yourself on whether you are making the right decision or not, as in the event of being tied down into the incorrect service agreement, there can occasionally be penalties applied when attempting to transfer to another provider.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your ISP Partner

To avoid being tied into a contract with a sub-par service provider, side-step the inconvenience of breaks in service or unwanted penalties and migration fees, by using this handy guide to choose the right provider on the first try, everytime.

1. Know Your Usage Requirements

Essentially, this means you need to identify the requirements of your business and the extent of internet required. Are you an internet intensive company such as a marketing agency, large call centre, shopping mall and any business working with cloud solutions or an SMME with limited need for internet coverage? When considering your requirements, a key factor to bear in mind is that you should not only focus on the present, but in months to a year from now. Businesses grow, their systems can change with the advancement of technology, therefore you should be ready to accept these changes with peace of mind that your internet can handle it.

2. Understand Cost vs. Speed vs. Cap

The golden ratio of your ISP, the cost of the service, versus the speed offered and the related cap. The cost of an internet service provider includes the installation fee, the hardware associated with running the service and the monthly bill accompanying the package. While the speed has two elements, namely the speed of the internet, be it 50mb/s or 300mb/s as well as the speed during peak periods when there is increased pressure on the servers.

Once you have conducted the step above pertaining to your requirements, you will have identified the bandwidth required by determining the number of users that will be present on the system, so the more users that are partaking in bandwidth-intensive tasks, the higher bandwidth you will require. For cap, you should consider the total number of gigs you will be getting in the service, some internet service providers offer uncapped internet which is essentially unlimited as well as capped internet where you will either be billed when you surpass your allocated amount or they will slow your down your speed. You should ultimately aim to find the most comprehensive service at the best value.

3. Know Your Service Types

The type of internet you choose will be based on the above factors as well as coverage that’s available in your location. The options include:

    • Fibre:

      The newest entry to the market providing superior performance for intensive operations but generally at a higher premium and limited geographic coverage.

    • LTE:

      Currently the most popular type of internet connection providing a service to relatively high internet-intensive businesses at a lower cost compared to fibre. LTE is also more accessible location-wise.

    • ADSL:

      This form of internet is phasing out for more preferred internet types such as mentioned above due to its unreliability, installation barriers, the need for a phone line and bandwidth.

4. Read the Fine Print

You should always check the terms of your service agreement for items such as support, maintenance, throttle, installation and reviews. A great ISP offers support so that you can rest assured should there be an issue, that it is taken care of in a timely manner.

5. Know Your Value-Added Service Options

When you can get supplementary services from your service provider, it is great news and specifically for businesses who may require additional services such as VoIP, PABX and antivirus, a one-stop shop is highly advantageous.

Make the Smart Choice & Choose Suretel to Meet Your ISP Needs Today!

Choosing the right ISP provider for your business doesn’t need to be a complex task when you have done your research. If you do not know where to start, you can always chat to Suretel to assist in finding the perfect solution for you.

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