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Why are so many people choosing Voice over IP communication (VoIP) for their businesses? Well, choosing to use the internet to make calls – which is the essence of VoIP – is simply a smart business decision. It can save your company money, make your life more convenient, increase employee productivity and give employees the tools they need for a modern, efficient workplace.

Suretel has narrowed down the reasons why your business needs VoIP communication to provide you with a brief but comprehensive list of motivation. Before we begin, let us mention that VoIP is not limited to voice communication, but includes voice, video, and data conferencing.

In short, VoIP enables people to communicate in more ways and with more flexibility. The last thing you want is for your business to be left behind its competitors because of redundant systems. The future is already here and you need to take proactive steps if you want to stay ahead!

Reason 1: Cut Costs

The cost of using a VoIP phone system is usually much lower than using a traditional phone line. This is because there is a lower initial equipment cost, less wiring required and making local and international calls is significantly cheaper when using a VoIP provider.

Reason 2: Better Conference Calling

Traditional phone lines are pretty limited when it comes to conference calls, but with VoIP services you can include as many people as you want in your conference call, as long as your Internet speed is fast enough. VoIP technology is constantly being developed and improved, so all voice packets are compressed and transferred efficiently in order to improve connection and call quality.

Reason 3: Simpler Software and Hardware

With VoIP services you can cut initial hardware costs by up to 90% and as for the software, you can either opt for free services such as Skype or Net2Phone or pay for more functional at a slightly higher cost for software that will give you access to some extra features.

Reason 4: Value for Money

Optimising your VoIP plan according to your needs is made easy with Suretel. What’s great about VoIP services is that you can see every tiny detail that can help you optimise inbound/outbound calling in order to get the best value for money.

Reason 5: Plenty of Bonus Features

You’ll have more flexibility in terms of call management, as well as taking advantage of extra perks such as voicemail, extra-virtual numbers, contact lists, caller IDs, etc. If you often have to take important calls, then why risk missing them? Thanks to the “Find Me Call Routing” offered by most VoIP service providers, the caller will be transferred through several numbers before being sent to voicemail.
For example, he’ll ring twice on your mobile phone, twice on your office phone and finally twice on your home phone before being sent to voicemail. Furthermore you can add music of your choice for those on hold.

VoIP can make your life more convenient and your staff more productive. It can add amazing new features and functionality to your communications and greatly reduce your office relocation costs. If you are planning to move offices, upgrade to VoIP before you move. It will make the process cheaper and more efficient. To find out more about what Suretel offers, contact us today.

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