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In a world that is heading increasingly toward mobile and online solutions, any business would do well to consider their connection to the internet and whether or not their current solution is meeting all of their needs. Traditional internet solutions are becoming slower and less effective, whilst forward-thinking, high-tech fibre solutions are dominating the market in terms of performance and reliability. In this blog, Suretel look at how fibre can benefit your business and take your forward.

Vastly Increased Internet Speed

It is no secret that fibre internet is many times faster than even the most capable copper internet alternatives. A wide range of fibre speeds is available so that any domestic or commercial client can select the option that suits them best, from 5Mbps right up to 100Gbps. Even when demand for internet access is high, your business will be unaffected.

Slow internet can impede on the productivity of your employees and therefore your business as a whole. Furthermore, unreliable internet connections from notoriously lacking telecommunications providers can lead to serious halts in business processes, and therefore your revenue generation. Fibre internet acts as a tool for productivity in this way.

Complete Cloud Access

More and more business processes and data are being performed on or stored in the cloud, from customer relationship management tools to data storage applications. The speed and bandwidth of your business’s internet connection should be able to keep up with the volume of cloud computing you require, or else it is inhibiting your business from shining.

Fibre internet can benefit your business by expanding its cloud computing capabilities thus reducing delays and further improving your sales and customer service. Communication is enhanced and access to data is uninhibited by slow, faulty internet connections.

Reliable Internet Connectivity

A significant benefit of fibre connectivity is the incredible reliability of the line compared to that of copper alternatives. Fibre is much stronger and totally unsusceptible to inclement weather and electrical interference. This means that your business can benefit from fibre via fast, reliable internet without damaged or stalled data transmission. Unplanned downtime causes dramatic damage to revenue, but you no longer have to deal with it thanks to Suretel and our fibre solutions.

Significant Signal Strength

The signal strength of fibre internet does not degrade quickly over distance, as is the case with traditional broadband internet using DSL or Ethernet over copper. Relatively large business spaces can benefit from the signal strength of fibre internet, which can enhance productivity for your entire organisation, not just those who are close to the router.

Broad Bandwidth Capabilities

If your business needs to transmit data constantly, it is no hard task to exhaust your traditional internet solutions by ‘hitting the cap’. Fibre internet offers far more bandwidth capability and much more dependable speeds throughout high-demand periods. Activities such as web conferencing, file sharing and cloud applications use a significant amount of bandwidth.

Latency, Who?

Latency is the term given to delayed data processing via the internet. Fibre internet eliminates latency issues and thus improves the user experience, over and above productivity. Uploading and downloading video or high-definition content is already a lengthy process – do you really want latency delaying your processes even further?
Without latency, you can conduct better quality VoIP calls, move more apps to the cloud, upload and download large files freely and collaborate more effectively with other staff members.

The Solution?

With Suretel, you can make all your fibre internet dreams come true. Our Fibre to Business and Enterprise Fibre solutions can be tailored to suit your needs and budget, and get your business on track to success. Contact us to discuss your fibre internet requirements and how we can help you!

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