Here at Suretel cc, we're pros at Building Unified Communications on a National Level, as an ICASA Certified Level 1 ISP (Internet Service Provider) we eat, sleep and repeat "Unified Communications" We take great pride in the fact that we have been servicing our clients for 13 years, our clients come from all sectors, from all provinces and all have their own unique requirements, it is due to each clients unique requirements and their trust in our product offerings, knowledge of Unified Communications, and the ability to be a one stop shop that we have grown with our clients. We look Forward to welcoming you and your business to the SureTel Family

Getting started with Suretel is simple and straightforward, which is refreshing when you compare it to more complex solutions, The guided setup experience leaves nothing to guesswork, which means even smaller businesses with limited IT knowledge can get up and running quickly. Support is always available if you can’t find answers to your questions.