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SureTel - Service Offerings

  • VoIP: Currently revolutionising South Africa’s calling systems, SureTel’s VoIP is the last word in crystal-clear IP communication. Plus, it can help you cut calling costs by up to 50%.
  • Wireless internet: We offer affordable, fast & reliable wireless internet is a persuasive alternative to Fibre, Diginet or ADSL, with 99% SLAs and capabilities for voice and internet. It can also be used as a failover or redundant connection for your business.
  • UniCloud PABX: Get the best of Asterisk and VoIP with UniCloud. Connect branches as extensions, access call data from anywhere in the world, record important calls and never miss a call with follow me only to mention a few. The best part is that it comes with all the features you could ever want at the price of a conventional PABX system.
  • Asterisk PABX: Asterisk is a powerful & robust IP PBX / Call Centre that is BIG on features. It comes with an almost endless set of features that can be customised to your businesses specific requirements. If features is your requirement, then Asterisk is your solution.
  • Asterisk Support: We provide expert support on all Asterisk based systems on an ad-hoc or monthly SLA retainer basis. Some of our clients have 24/7/365 retainers with us for their systems. If you have an Asterisk based solution then we have right support for you.

 VoIP | Wireless Internet | Cloud PABX | Asterisk Call Centres & Support

SureTel - Level 4 B-BBEE

SureTel is a Level 4 B-BBEE telecommunications provider with a vision: to provide the latest world-class telephony products that will streamline your corporate image and the productivity of employees while improving your bottom line.

  1. Step into the international arena with VoIP, the internet-based calling technology that lowers your phone bill by up to 50%.
  2. Access a world of endless features with our Asterisk based PABX’s & Call Centres, which is infinitely customizable.
  3. Get the best of Asterisk & VoIP but in the Cloud with our UniCloud PABX / Call Centres. Finally a phone system that makes sense for your cents…
  4. We also provide affordable, fast & reliable wireless internet with 99% SLAs. This connectivity can be used to deliver voice and internet services and is a powerful alternative to Fibre, Diginet and ADSL.

Whatever your telecom needs, our professional team has the experience and knowledge to fulfill them.

Save 50% off Calls

Save 50% off Business Calls and get excellent Voice quality with our Voice over IP. Keep all your Voice & Fax Numbers with Number Portability. Integrate with your existing analogue or digital PABX.

Wireless Internet

Get affordable, fast & reliable Wireless Internet & Voice (with 99% SLA's)

UniCloud PABX

Save 50% off business calls & get all the features like, Voice Logging, IVR's, ACD's, MAN3000 Reporting and much more for less than a normal PABX.


Need an Asterisk Call Centre, PABX or Support? Give us a call and see what a difference Asterisk will make in your business...

Get UniCloud (Save 40% on Calls & Get all the Features)

Finally a PABX that makes sense for your cents! ;-)